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Centerpointe for Children truly wants to support your child and family as you navigate through your occupational therapy experience.  There are tons of links below that will provide you with more information about research, community and our favorite therapeutic tools. Happy clicking!
research | articles | videos
ASI® research

As part of the Ayres Sensory Integration® 2020 vision, the international Goal Leadership Team – Sensory Integration Global Network (SIGN) is aiming to publish 100 research papers that further the understanding and evidence for Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI).


  • Click here for an incredible compilation of research articles, with more being added!





click on a video title to watch

parks | playgrounds
  • Passport to FUNction – a website/blog promoting and teaching therapeutic park play through videos, sensory integration education, and good ol’ fun!


  • – Looking for a park with shade? Family friendly walking paths? Splash parks and water play? This website/blog is the ultimate local park resource.




  • Pump It Up – inflatable jumpers sensory jump night


  • Sender One rock climbing gym (check out Sender City for the kids!)


  • Best Day Foundation – a program built around adventure water sports including kayaking, stand up paddling, body boarding, tandem surfing and more! Sign ups are limited and sells out quickly!


  • Surfer’s Healing – surf camp! Sells out incredibly quickly so plan ahead for summer fun!
  • Open Sky for Autism – gearing up for a vacation? This program is a simulated experience of experiences at the airport and flight.
OT toys | tools

Click below for access to our growing list of favorite toys and tools supporting OT and optimal development. (This is a great list for birthday and holiday gifts too!)

The Shop

other gems



  • SmartKnitKids – comfortable, seamless undergarments for sensitive skin

Adding FUN to FUNction

As pediatric occupational therapists, we assess how the sensory systems are working, and use them as foundations to support optimal development. Carefully planned combinations of FUN activities can make growth happen, and we want to share some of these with you! Join our blog as we explore and teach playful and therapeutic opportunities in all areas of your child’s life.

I HAVE A LITTLE  PUMPKIN (an interactive rhyme!)

Whether you make your own pumpkin fidget or use a mini pumpkin from your local pumpkin patch, you and your kids will have a blast with this cute, interactive rhyme! Not only is it a fun way to play with the holiday theme, but it taps into motor planning, coordination, following verbal instruction, self-regulation and balance too!


This is one time of year that our phones are ringing a little more than usual. Summer is over and the kiddos are settling in at school. It’s parent conference time, which tends to expose concerns that often result in OT referrals.


There is a big assumption out there that the park is fun for all. Who wouldn’t want to fly down the slides, reach for the sky on the swings, and kick off their shoes in the sand box, right? An important topic we will begin to tackle today is what to do if your child does not want any part of playful exploration at the park!

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